Every attorney at Einwechter and Hyatt is a tough litigator with a proven track record. We are ready to represent you and protect your interests in all facets of the business lifecycle. 
We understand all legal work, even simple transactions, are done in the context of potential litigation, dispute, or challenge. We believe the best legal advisors and planners are those who intimately understand the realities and strategic options for dispute resolution.
With E&H in your corner, you will have over 50 years of litigation experience defending your interests and protecting your rights. Our attorneys have successfully represented business and individual clients in a wide array of civil matters, including contracts, employment disputes, trust and probate matters, torts, trademark infringement, property disputes, and many other conflicts. Our attorneys have deep experience in all phases of civil litigation in state and federal courts, commercial arbitration and international tribunals.
At E&H our core value is to provide strategic representation. That means we understand every case is unique and there are no cookie cutter solutions. Our robust knowledge of the law and the various dispute resolution procedures means you will have options throughout the lifecycle of your case. Our pledge is to always have your goals in mind and to present options to help you achieve those goals. But when alternatives fail and a case proceeds to trial, you will have experienced and tenacious litigators in your corner.

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