Business Law and Planning

Whether you are an entrepreneur seizing a new opportunity, or an established business looking to build on your success, the attorneys at Einwechter & Hyatt have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals. When you partner with the attorneys at E&H, not only do you have premier business lawyers in your corner, you also benefit from their practical business experience. As entrepreneurs themselves, the E&H lawyers built a Southern California technology firm from inception to over $30 million in revenue (and growing) before establishing E&H.

Every business, especially an emerging business, is unique and requires thoughtful organization at every stage of development. The lawyers at E&H can provide strategic advice on business planning, tax implications, entity formation, finance, and governance that will position your company for long-term success. As you grow your business, our attorneys will work with you to protect your brand, maximize your advantage in the marketplace, review and secure profitable deals, manage employee issues and help you avoid or resolve areas of potential conflict. We realize legal analysis is only one aspect of a business decision – we will work with you to wholly analyze decisions from every angle.

In those situations where conflict is unavoidable, our lawyers are tough and seasoned litigators with the confidence and experience to vigorously defend your interests in court. Our motto--‘strategic representation’--means we always focus on crafting legal and business solutions to meet your goals – whether in the board room or the court room.

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